The Future of European-Iranian Cultural Relations (IFA)

Type Video
Length 01:39:31
Date 15 January 2016

Public discussion
26 November 2015
Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

The July 2015 nuclear deal has ushered in a new chapter in the relations between the West and Iran. Featuring prominent Iranian intellectuals from Tehran, New York and London, we discussed the multifaceted dimensions of European–Iranian cultural relations in the wake of the nuclear deal.

_Amir-Hassan Cheheltan (Tehran) | Prominent Iranian writer & regular contributor to the “Feuilleton” of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on cultural policy in Iran
_Prof. Hamid Dabashi (New York City) | Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature, Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Columbia University, City of New York
_Prof. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam (London) | Professor in Global Thought and Comparative Philosophies, Department of Politics and International Studies & Chair, Centre for Iranian Studies, London Middle East Institute, SOAS – University of London

Chair: Dr. Ali Fathollah-Nejad, Expert, ifa-Research Programme "Culture and Foreign Policy"

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